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HeadFirst with Dr. Hill” is a must-listen podcast for anyone looking to boost their brain power and achieve peak performance. Dr. Hill shares valuable insights and strategies for optimizing brain function and managing stress.

"Your Brain is your most valuable asset.
Invest in it, optimize it, achieve peak performance."

Guest Podcasts

Unlock the future of science and innovation with Dr. Hill as he visits other podcasts, and delve into the frontiers of neuroscience and biohacking. If you’re looking for a captivating guest, reach out to Dr. Hill today!


Dr. Andrew Hill

Dr. Andrew Hill is a neuroscientist who specializes in biofeedback and brain training. He has developed a set of guides to help people optimize their brain function and enhance their overall health and well-being. These guides are based on the latest research in neuroscience and biohacking and provide practical tips and techniques for improving cognitive performance, reducing stress, and achieving optimal health.

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Leverage Dr. Hill’s wealth of functional neuroscience experience to help you get the most out of your brain. From Sport and Performance to Childhood Development to Gerontology, Dr. Hill has a wide experience of working with goals to improve human performance and reduce suffering.

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