Andrew Hill discusses practical and readily applicable strategies aimed at enhancing cognitive function and overall brain health, offering insights into immediate actionable steps individuals can take to optimize their mental performance and well-being.

Food and brain health, individualized approaches. Emphasizes the importance of meal timing for brain health and autophagy. Using eating patterns to improve health and performance. Suggests using sauna as a simple and accessible intervention to improve health outcomes, with literature showing noticeable improvements in total cause of death and late life performance.

Sauna use for biohacking and well-being. Saunas can be a cost-effective intervention for improving well-being, but may exacerbate inflammatory issues or dehydration if not properly managed.

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for brain health and long term aging, as the way to eat is to minimize starches and sugars and maximize good fats. But individuals have a very complicated relationship with food. And I don’t just mean like how you eat every day in the crap you shouldn’t eat. And you know, if you have an eating disorders, I mean, it’s it’s ethical. It’s just Alpha considerations. This cultural adoration is religious, there’s so much red food. And there’s physical consideration as well, right. I

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mean, I’ve found once I started introducing more cards at certain times of the day, I’m sure my brains working better because of that. Yeah,

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and it’s very individual to I mean, you have to really test things and discover things. So I think it’s a journey in terms of what you want and how you want how you are that but then what you want isn’t very often, when it’s in to focus on and for people when I’m coaching is, when to eat as one of the biggest control factors you have in helping plasticity and helping kick on autophagy or self cleaning of that tissue of improving deep sleep improving insulin cortisol regulation, about the easiest thing you can do is control the timing of your eating to enhance that stuff. I mean, people talk about meditation, sleep hacking, really important stuff, we sleep far, the number one thing you have to get straight to help your plasticity and help your general well being general potential. But the next thing you can do is just compress your eating a little bit into a slightly shorter window. And you will allow the system to have plasticity and more be bowed in the other window you aren’t eating. And then you can actually use the exploit these tricks and really, really learn there’s very accessible levers for taking control of things like inflammatory states, the body, adipose, you know, body fat composition and muscle mass and energy and you know, so you can do a lot very, very easily by mucking about with the timing of your eating and telling your body that it’s under this, this use stress this is mild stress that is positive, it’s a hormetic effect is the term so the stress that cures and this is why things like sauna work so profoundly well on reducing the total cause of death you know, and improving well being and performance. It’s definitely the case of sauna which is a I mean, this is a cheap thing. I consider sauna one of the first interventions you should probably try to add if you can, I forget what the literature is but but country to country, it’s a bit different the reduction of total cause of death and the improvement of late life performance and even early life athletic and academic performance are noted noticeable, like 1020 30 40% improvements in some of these numbers. Yeah, but saunas a cheap intervention and you don’t need special equipment you got a back you already put a seat or shut up there with a heating element or done you know cost you 15 $15 For the element you know, whatever I mean, this is not an expensive thing to do. I think we often get a bit carried away with super high end biohacking tools I really do like okay compress your eating get your sleep on track get a SATA you know, and this amazing performance you can level up this way. And the literature on SATA looks like if you do it every other day for you know, a couple of 1020 minute cycles, maybe cooling down between them, you know, stepping into a cold shower, I don’t think you even need to do the cold end of things although that is a different type of for Medicare use that new stress effect, but the effects are huge on on your well being your subjective well being. Now I will caution people who can do a lot of signing and jump into it just like anything else. There’s some people for whom this will be stressful or contraindicated or a problem. So if you do a lot of sauna initially, and instead of feeling a kind of a high pro glow, pretty awesome later on. That same day, if you instead feel if you get hit by a truck, if you’re feeling really wiped out afterwards, you’re either having a hydration issue or an inflammatory issue probably and it may be something you want to crank on it before your dress. And so if you feel like crap after I saw it, I don’t do more solid


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