In this exclusive snippet from the NeuroNoodle Neurofeedback Podcast, we’re joined by some heavyweights in the field of neuroscience. Dr. Andrew Hill, the mastermind behind the Peak Brain Institute, Jay Gunkelman, who’s analyzed a staggering 500,000 EEGs, and our host Pete Jansons dive into the fascinating topic of the quirks of the human brain.

Pete Jansons sets the stage, emphasizing the uniqueness of each and every brain. Dr. Hill chimes in, highlighting the complexity and individuality of our brain’s workings, likening it to a fingerprint. Jay Gunkelman adds his perspective, reflecting on his extensive experience and the diverse range of brain patterns he’s encountered.

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that the weirdness of our brains is something to be celebrated. Listeners are encouraged to embrace their brain’s idiosyncrasies, finding beauty in its complexity.

Tune in to the full podcast episode for a deep dive into the fascinating world of neuroscience and the wonderfully weird nature of our brains.

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We all have brains that are weird, good job, be weird, like all of us are rather atypical. And when you show someone they’re a typicality. They’re their endo phenotypes. Their anterior cingulate being extra hot, could be perceptive and intrusive and obsessive. Or it could be that they’re a highly effective CEO who’s highly organized and loves their mind, on the back midline could be a trauma response, or it could be a very effective lifeguard, who’s heavily skilled at it and doesn’t seem to be threatened or are activated by their threat response stuff. I work with clients with acute clinical classic stuff, and I work with clients that are the highest performer squeezing the juice out of life and everything in between. And I find the same patterns in a person that walks in with no problems. Yeah, as well as somebody who’s got severe dysregulation. And it’s not a question of here’s the thing that’s wrong with you. It’s just here’s the thing. It’s different. Would you like to work on it?

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