Dr. Andrew Hill, the Founder of Peak Brain Institute, teams up with Jay Gunkelman, an expert who has analyzed over 500,000 EEGs, and Pete Jansons on the NeuroNoodle Neurofeedback Podcast. They engage in a discussion about phenotypes, emphasizing that not all deviations are inherently negative.

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Allah because trying to interpret phenotypes Yes, the electricity pattern, the thing we can measure, the statistical thing that’s hard to clean away in some ways still sticks up. Those things don’t always mean mean interesting things. A deviation could be abnormal could be could be a compensatory mechanism. And it could be a unique outlier state that person has as a special skill. And Gerard Fillmore and South Africa’s a brilliant guy. I’ve known him for a long, long time he works with what you would consider extreme athletes.

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Who runs those things that run over to mountain ranges for six days or you know those crazy races? Don’t you know that they have a singular that’s just crazy. A lot of if they didn’t, how the hell would they stay on task for those


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